Finding the Perfect Cable-Knit Sweater

By December 9, 2019 Tsuga Boutique
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It’s a little funny how fashion trends in Southeastern Ontario have a mind of their own. The runway trends are fun to read about, but where we live, it’s all about staying “warm and cozy” first, and “stylish and trendy” second. It’s no wonder the local stores are starting to beat out the big chains—Canadian designers understand that ladies around here aren’t about to wear a mini-skirt and bare legs to the office in mid-December. This year, the fashion stars have aligned and brought a certain old-fashioned favourite back into the spotlight.

The Cable-Knit Craze

The hottest trend this winter is none other than the classic cable knit sweater. This super-cozy fabric is everywhere; from cushion covers to tree skirts—and of course, on us! What I love about cable knit is how versatile it is; women of every generation look classy and put-together in one of these cozy sweaters. Our location in Guelph has become sweater central with gorgeous designs by Orly, Orange, C’est moi, and Tribal. Better yet, we have a flattering fit at every price point.

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Guide to Necklines

Cable knit sweaters are so popular for the winter 2019-2020 season, it’s almost like someone turned on the sweater faucet and left it running. There are so many styles, colours, and materials coming in, but most notably, there are a ton of different necklines to choose from. Not sure what they all mean? Let’s break down the terms:

Square Neck and Boat Neck styles have a wider neck opening. Square neck styles are square-shaped and show off your clavicle, while boat necks tend to show off the top of the shoulders. These are ideal choices for people who feel a little suffocated by tighter necklines.

Crew Neck styles fit snugly around the neck, covering the chest but without covering the neck. This the style you most commonly see on unisex t-shirts and pullover sweatshirts.

Mock Neck styles are halfway between a crew neck and turtleneck. A piece of fabric rises slightly above the neckline but ends below the “Adam’s apple” area. This is for folks who like a little more coverage without a full-on turtleneck.

Turtleneck styles cover the entire neck area. This is a very sleek look when paired with an updo or short hairstyles.

Cowl Neck styles are almost like dramatic turtlenecks. There’s enough fabric to cover the neck, but the fit is very loose in the neck area. This voluminous style is more breathable for folks who can’t manage the tighter turtleneck, but still want a warm and high-impact style.

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Flattering Fits for Your Shape

Knowing what each neckline is called is all well and good, but at the end of the day, what we really care about is which one will look great on us. Here’s a handy guide for choosing a sweater that flatters your figure.

Small chests pair beautifully with detailed or showy necklines, including bold cowl necks and button embellishments.

Full chests and apple shapes will look and feel more comfortable in open sweaters. An open design, with or without a belt, won’t have you feeling constricted and adds a warm, layered look.

Thicker midsections look awesome in button-down sweaters, which visually smooth and re-define the lines of the upper body. A slightly flared hip area helps to balance out proportions. Longer sweaters that hit above the knee are also very flattering on this body shape.

Ample arms are a perfect match for classic chunky cable knits, which tend to have roomier sleeves at the shoulder that taper at the wrist. This gives your upper arm room to breathe and draws attention to the slimmest part of your forearm. You can also opt for a cowl neck which plays with proportions to draw attention to your face.

Pear shapes can easily rock shorter sweaters with turtleneck, mock neck, or cowl necklines. These necklines make chests appear fuller, balancing out your hips. The shorter cut shows off a higher-waist pant, emphasizing the curves at your waist.

Hourglass shapes look fabulous in square neck or boat neck sweaters, which draw attention to the shoulders and keep proportions balanced all the way down the body. Fitted crew necks and mock necks also look sultry on this shape.

Straight, or “rectangle”, figures can get really creative with chunky knits, horizontal stripes, and cowl necklines. The voluminous cuts create the illusion of a curvier frame.

Petites may have the best luck finding their fit with shorter cuts with cropped or ¾ length sleeves. Choose lighter fabrics and smaller prints that won’t overwhelm your frame.

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Complete the Look

Now that you know which sweaters to try on, what should you bring with you into the fitting room? These bestselling pieces look bang-on when paired with a great cable knit, and you can find them all at our Tsuga Boutique.

C’est Moi Bamboo Leggings: These soft, comfortable leggings come in regular as well as fleece-lined, for extra winter warmth. Pair them with your sweater for weekend errand runs, or layer them under bottoms to warm up your professional attire.

Coco + Carmen OMG Skinny Jeans: They’re called ‘OMG’ because it’s everyone’s reaction when they step into a pair. These ultra-flattering jeans are high-waisted, with built-in booty lifting and tummy taming features. We carry them in distressed black and an awesome vintage blue wash with cool ripped-knee details. The fabric is nice and thick, and yet they fit like a glove once you slide in. Wear them with your new sweater, and everything else in your wardrobe—you’ll never want to take them off! 

Merx, Christoph Poly and Jacqueline Kent jewellery let you add a little bit of flash and attitude to your sweater look. We also carry the Jacqueline Kent line of Sugar Canes, bejewelled walking canes that bring MAJOR attitude to any outfit.

Want some help putting together a great sweater look? Talk to Tammy at Tsuga Boutique! She’s got a great eye for pulling outfits together, and she’d be more than happy to help you find a cable-knit in your perfect fit. Find her inside Royal City Nursery, just a quick drive outside of Guelph, Cambridge, or Kitchener-Waterloo!