Giving Guide 2019: Gifts for Home, Garden, and More

By December 16, 2019 January 13th, 2020 Gardening Inspiration and Advice
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Christmas Day is fast approaching, which means the gift shopping rush is in full swing—but I didn’t need to tell you that, did I? While I’m sure there are a few rare people in Guelph who love the energy of the shopping mall frenzy, I’d wager most of us prefer a less stressful shopping experience. If you’ve never done holiday shopping at our garden centre before, let me catch you up on what you’re missing: 

For one, when you walk inside, you’re surrounded by beautiful decor and live plants—we hear all the time from our customers how much of an effect this has on their mood and mindset. 

Secondly, we carry a lot of products that come from independent, local, and Canadian companies, which means the gifts you’ll find here can’t be found at the mall. In the case of our plants, for that matter, they’re all truly one-of-a-kind! 

Finally, we’re a family-owned store with a big selection—so, not only do we offer gift options for a whole variety of interests, but we’re also experts at helping you find the right gift for the right person on your list. Don’t believe me? Here’s a sample of the great gifts you’ll find right here at Royal City Nursery.

For the Seasoned Gardener: Felco Pruners

Serious gardeners know the Felco brand makes the best secateurs in the world. These incredibly handy pruning clippers are world-famous for being sharp, precise, and heirloom-level durable. They’re a high-end tool, which means most gardeners wouldn’t necessarily spring for them for themselves, but they’re an extremely thoughtful and practical gift.

royal city nursery guelph giving guide 2019 felco pruners bird feeder

For the Wildlife Whisperer: Bird Feeders

Everyone, from patio-sitters to full-camouflage hunters, loves wild birds. Bird feeders are a great gift for the winter since this is the season when birds depend on them the most. If you know your loved one’s favourite bird, we carry feeders that will “sing” that specific species. If not, we’ve got several attractively-designed feeders that will attract a multitude of feathered friends. Complete your gift with a bag of high-quality birdseed!

For the Home Decor Diva: Decorative Terrariums

We all have that amateur interior designer friend who’s a little intimidating to buy for—in part because we already envy her home and everything in it! Fortunately, these gorgeous terrariums are the perfect marriage of style and substance. They hold plants like succulents and tillandsia beautifully, and they make a gorgeous accent on any surface. Better yet, they’re very portable, so your giftee can dress up her office desk as beautifully as she’s decorated her home!

royal city nursery guelph giving guide 2019 decorative terrarium low maintenance succulents

For the Beginner Plant Parent: Low-Maintenance Houseplants

Gen Z-ers and millennials have really come around to the houseplant trend, but many of them are just getting started on their own. With university classes to attend, papers to write, and part-time jobs to clock in for, the time just isn’t always there to look after a demanding houseplant. That’s where you come in with a lovely and low-maintenance houseplant like a succulent or cactus. Both succulents and cacti are extremely popular right now with the younger crowd, and they come in every size and shape imaginable. Get a few tiny ones to live on their dorm-room windowsill, or a bigger one to decorate the empty shelves in their first apartment. Your young recipient is guaranteed to fall in love.

For the Sassy Snowbird: Cruise Wear

If you know a few lucky ducks who are religious about sun-seeking during the wintertime, now is a golden opportunity to make their day. We just received some fabulous vacation-friendly pieces to our Tsuga Boutique, which we’ve dubbed “cruise wear” for its nautical aesthetic. These pieces by Orly are practically made for winter getaways; they can be stuffed in a suitcase without wrinkling, and they’re made from soft, breathable jersey fabric in ultra-flattering cuts. The timeless black-and-white prints look sophisticated on travellers of any age, from 30 to 80 and beyond.


For this year’s Christmas list, start here at Royal City Nursery, a short drive from Guelph, Cambridge, and Kitchener-Waterloo. You’ll discover tons of great finds that you might not have ever thought to search for online! Plan your visit today—it might just change how you feel about holiday shopping.