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Annuals are a terrific way to add colour and beauty to any outdoor space! They bring strong personality to your garden, offering various height, colour, and form options. Use annuals to fashion your living area in a way that’s entirely your own – create stunning planters, fill in spaces in a perennial garden or use them to line walkways.

You can structure your planting to create an organized and professional tiered effect, placing taller plants in the back and working your way forward with medium to short height annuals. Not your style? Try creating a wildflower wonderland with a garden mixture that offers its viewers variety and an array of eye-catching pieces. Annuals provide consistent colour throughout the entire summer season, often retaining their colour until the frost, and complementing the blooming cycle of perennials perfectly.

We carry a wide variety of annuals, offering both shade and sun options. Stop in to see what we carry and find the perfect annuals for your garden!

  • Hanging Baskets
  • Sun and Shade Loving
  • Herbs and Vegetables
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Custom Arrangement Work


Perennials are a sturdy, consistent and popular choice for any garden, returning year after year to provide your space with colour, texture and lovely foliage. They bring new life and welcome each spring like an old friend, provide familiar and beautiful company for the summer, and graciously tuck themselves away for the winter.

We carry a wide range of stunning perennials suited to any garden space. Full sun or part to full shade – we can help you identify which plants will not only suit your preferences, but work well in your soil type and garden locations. From ground covers to vines and grasses to show-stopping bloomers, we carry loads of varieties that will add that perfect touch to your outdoor space.

Drop by to find classic, trusty varieties, along with new and exciting ones that will stir your imagination and make you even more excited to dig your hands into the dirt!

  • Sun and Shade Loving
  • Native and Woodland
  • erennials
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Custom Arrangement Work
  • Vines

Nursery Stock

Our nursery stock offers the perfect plant solutions to any property, garden and yard! Shrubs and trees help make a space inviting, offering shade on hot days, gorgeous blooms in their season or providing the satisfaction of harvesting ones’ own fruit. Trees and shrubs can also help increase the value of your property.

Flowering shrubs deliver a strong presence of colour, and ornamental trees can line a driveway beautifully. Evergreens help to enclose a space, providing privacy from neighbours, as well as offering greenery all year long – keeping the promise of life visible throughout those long winter months! We also carry fruit trees, which not only are a lovely feature for any yard, but can provide you with valuable produce and let you to taste the crisp, fresh juice of fruit grown by you!

Stop in today and let us help you craft the perfect yard, provide inspiration or completion for landscape projects, and create a yard that you can enjoy and nurture for years to come!

  • Shade Trees and Ornamental Trees
  • Fruit Trees and Flowering Shrubs
  • Evergreens Upright and Spreading

Landscape Accents

For a wide selection of supplies and materials to help keep your gardens healthy, stop in to see us! We carry mulch, soil and stone in both bulk and bagged options. Our bulk materials are available only with delivery, and we provide optional delivery for bagged materials as well. We also have a range of garden and lawn fertilizers, seeding supplies, sod and other traditional garden supplies, making sure you’re ready to take on the growing season!

We are also happy to offer Royal City Nursery Gift Cards. Available in any denomination, they make the perfect gift for the garden lover or green thumb in your life!

Outdoor Garden Decor

Create a garden space that encourages visitors to believe in the timeless – to see ageless beauty in a whimsical statue, to hear the fountain water laughing over and over, and to catch the faint scent of a vine’s blooms as it climbs up a trellis or archway. Our outdoor garden décor selection includes a wide range of products that can craft the perfect place! From fountains and statuary to trellises and a large variety of pots and planters – all are perfectly suited to make your patio, balcony, walkway or house entrance as beautiful and welcoming as possible!

We also offer a variety of workshops that will inspire great ideas for using your outdoor décor to its creative potential! From building a magical fairy garden to designing a centrepiece or other potted arrangement, we are here to help you find confidence in your creative abilities and to help you design a piece that will be perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Our garden décor is also available for rent, letting you find the perfect piece to set off any event décor or placing the finishing touches on wedding decorations.

Let us help you find the perfect piece to complete your outdoor space, add personality to your yard or add that missing splash of colour and class to your patio or balcony!

Water Features

Adding a water feature to your back yard will provide a peaceful, beautiful and dynamic feature that you can enjoy year after year. A pond, bubbling rock or pond-less waterfall will be sure to catch the eye of any observer, as well as provide you with an oasis throughout the summer! We offer full pond installation, and carry a wide variety of pond plants and pond supplies that give you the tools to make your space completely your own. We ensure that from start to finish, your backyard water features are the best they can be! Opening and closing your pond can be a lot of work, and we’re here to give you a hand, providing you with the hands to open and close it, as well as make sure your pond stays clean and well maintained! Our experienced team is always happy to help with any inquiries, providing you with the knowledge and guidance for various water feature options, questions and needs.