Decorating with fresh cut greens indoors and out!

At this time of year, the scent of fresh cut Fir, Pine and Cedar permeate the greenhouse, and I
love it! It is easy to make a statement decorating with fresh cut greens, but there are a few tips
and tricks to ensuring your creations last well past Christmas.

Best Tip! The trick to getting your outdoor arrangement to stay put through the holidays is to
fill your pot with Topsoil. Oasis (floral foam) is too light to freeze properly and can break down.

Topsoil will freeze and hold the branches in place, so you do not need to worry.
Now you know how to keep your arrangement in place the question is, “How can I design like a
pro?” Follow these tips to create the way our Designers do.

  • When creating an arrangement think about how your planter will be viewed. Will you
    be able to see it from all sides or will it sit against a wall? This will help you establish the
    right design. Key Point! Tall stuff at the back (or middle) with shorter items in the front.
    NOTE: A good full holiday arrangement usually has three different types of greens for
    the strongest visual appeal and texture variation.
  • Start by placing a thriller (focal point) at the back, if your arrangement sits against a
    wall or in the middle if your arrangement is viewed from all sides. Fresh thrillers can be
    Curly Willow, Dogwood or Birch poles, or even decorating accents, such as a Lantern or
  • The next step is to put the “Spillers” in place around the edge of the pot to provide
    width and texture. Fresh cut Incense Cedar, BC Cedar or Golden Cedar are perfect as
    they provide a natural draping effect over the edges of the pot.
  • The last step is to fill in the remaining space. Fresh cut fillers include Berried Juniper,
    Ontario Cedar, White or Red Pine and Noble or Silver Fir.
  • For a pop of holiday colour, our designers always use some fresh Ilex Berries or
    Eucalyptus as a finishing touch.
  • You can also add lights to your design. Lumineo Polestar or Cascading LED lights are ecofriendly
    and make a huge impression.










Yes! Fresh cut greens and arrangements can last past Christmas
if kept outdoors.

Once your creation is finished, water the arrangement so it will freeze. Until the arrangement
freezes, think of the cut boughs no different than cut flowers. Watering them will allow them
to not dry out. If you would like to decorate with fresh cut greens or garlands indoors, be
careful where you put them. Indoors, without a water source, most greens will last 5 to 7 days
before they dry out. The cooler your house, the longer your designs will last.

Create your indoor arrangements in Oasis (floral foam) so you can water them. If Oasis is
impractical, plan on misting the greens to keep them moist.

NOTE! Never use fresh cut greens above a functioning fire place.

For me, it is not the sights of Christmas that bring the season home, it is the scent. Fragrance is
a powerful memory trigger and can transport you back home for the holidays.

Happy Decorating