The Top 6 Plants for Your Desk

By September 3, 2019 September 4th, 2019 Gardening Inspiration and Advice
royal city nursery guelph top 6 desk plants

While most of my time is spent with customers or caring for plants, running a business inevitably comes with desk work. If you work at a desk all day, I’m sure you can relate to the sensation of becoming one with your computer screen. I don’t know about you, but after a long period of staring into a glowing monitor, my eyes need a break!

Now, I’m not saying plants are the solution for everything—blue-light filtering glasses are a godsend!—but I couldn’t imagine my office without houseplants anymore. Even if your desk is in a windowless basement, there are some low maintenance houseplants here at Royal City Nursery that will transform your workspace. Plants add a burst of life to your environment while filtering out pollutants emitted by your computer. These plants work as hard as you do!

Here are our top 6 favourite plants for your desk:

royal city nursery guelph top 6 desk plants dracaena snake plant


Just because you’re in your office in Guelph doesn’t mean your desk can’t remind you of a tropical vacation! Dracaenas come in a wide variety of sizes—from little guys that sit beside your coffee mug, to towering tree-like plants that greet you first thing in the morning. I love the varieties with bright, lemon-lime coloured leaves, which cheer me up on those overcast days. Dracaenas are also efficient at filtering the air, and they don’t mind living with little natural light.

Snake Plant

If you’re a student or a workaholic, you may find it challenging to find time to eat, let alone water a plant. Snake plants are your perfect match. Not only are they versatile—they can go in large floor pots, or in small planters for the desk—they’re virtually indestructible. Snake plants are one of maybe 2 or 3 houseplants in the world that could survive being left in a closet for a month. Your snake plant won’t hold it against you if you neglect it while dealing with back-to-back deadlines.

royal city nursery guelph top 6 desk plants dieffenbachia boston fern


I absolutely love the burst of tropical foliage that Dieffenbachia brings into an office space. We stock varieties with different foliage patterns, colours, and sizes that all make fantastic accent plants for low-light rooms. If you have an office cat, I’d suggest choosing another plant. Dieffenbachia leaves do not agree with cats.

Boston Ferns

One of the original houseplants, Boston Ferns have been popular for hundreds of years for their low light requirements and air-purifying abilities. The beautiful fine texture of their leaves adds a lot of interest to a desk space with limited free space. Dress these voluminous beauties up in a glossy ceramic planter for maximum impact.

royal city nursery guelph top 6 desk plants spider plant jasmine

Spider Plants

It’s hard to do your best work with sub-optimal air quality. If your University of Guelph or Laurier dorm room is feeling a little stuffy, nothing clears the air like spider plants can. These attractive, low-maintenance houseplants are the most efficient at filtering out air pollutants. They also love to reproduce. After a while, you’ll notice little mini spider plants (the “daughters”) forming on the foliage. These little spider plants pull nutrients in from the air and can be left on the “mother” for more air-cleaning power or plucked off and given as gifts. Just buy a few pots and your Christmas shopping is done. Now THAT’s a student-friendly plant!


Fresh air is great, but what about air that smells downright fantastic? The aroma of jasmine has intoxicated people for thousands of years, and its natural perfume helps to counteract your co-worker’s lunch. (Really, it should be a crime to microwave fish at work, but I digress.) The calming aroma is also wonderful for easing stress, and it’s white flowers and glossy green leaves work with any colour palette. 

If you have to spend several hours a day at your desk, a little extra greenery can make such a difference in your quality of life. Visit our garden centre in Guelph to explore our whole selection of houseplants. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel in your workspace with a few leafy green co-workers!