There is a world of luxurious colour and texture waiting in the fall garden

By August 20, 2018 April 17th, 2019 Gardening Inspiration and Advice

Annual planters need a lift this time of year. You can refresh your front entryway by creating a new look with fall classics. You can add some really dramatic autumn colour this season; Purple Fountain Grass, golden Millet, or Celosia which comes in brilliant red or yellow. Try the rustic Black Eyed Susan in yellow gold or the buttery yellow Toto Gold, along with ornamental Kale and new ornamental peppers in deep Aubergine.

If you would rather have us build a planter for you, our designers can work magic with the new fall arrivals or you can pick up a ready-made, seasonal planter for instant renew at your front door.

Now is the perfect time to plant perennials. The colours at this point are vibrant and there is a wide variety of texture which can add warmth and bloom well into the fall. Three of the best additions to any perennial gardens this year are the Double Sun-struck False Sunflower, which produces double yellow blooms and has variegated foliage. Another of my favourites is the Crazy Cayenne Coreopsis. This amazing perennial has ferny foliage- which bears loads of star-shaped, sunset orange flowers all season.  This is also the season for scarlet and crimson colour in the garden. One of my favourites is the Salsa red Coneflower; large single flowers with overlapping petals with a red/brown centre.  Plus it is a fun name.

Listen to the colours we describe for fall; burgundy, russet, copper and creamy. These are rich, heady descriptors. You can incorporate all of these rich, vibrant colours and textures by picking a favourite right now and planting it in the garden. These blooms are also great attractors for pollinators and butterflies.

This is the time Ornamental grasses put on their display Maidenhair varieties are putting out their seed heads now. The blades of Blood brothers and Shenandoah Switch grass turn brilliant red late summer into fall. Ornamental grasses are one of the ways we love to add texture to a garden, define a border or add screening. These grasses left for the winter ill also encourage birds and add some texture during the long winter months of nothing but white.

It is a lot to consider but it is the time to start thinking about fall colour in the in the garden and in the home. Just come and see the colours. If that doesn’t inspire you we are here to help you plant a sensational perennial garden or build the best autumn welcome for your home.

Happy Planting,