Meet Your Match: A Houseplant for Every Personality

By February 13, 2020 February 25th, 2020 Gardening Inspiration and Advice
royal city nursery guelph meet your match houseplant personality citrus cocktail tree

If you love plant shopping, you know that the hardest part is never finding one you love—it’s narrowing down which ones you should actually buy. Whether you’re shopping for the next addition to your leafy green family, or you’re selecting the perfect gift for someone else, the options are always a little overwhelming. Simplify the experience by choosing a houseplant that matches the personality of its soon-to-be plant parent!

Personality: Outgoing and zesty; the life of every party.
Their Match: Citrus Cocktail Tree. These dwarf shrub has a sunny disposition and produces a variety of edible fruits (lemons, limes, AND tangerines!) that elevates any classic cocktail recipe.

Personality: The strong, silent type.
Their Match: Pinstripe Calathea. A no-nonsense plant that makes a confident statement without fussy flowers or a ton of maintenance.

Personality: A tough exterior that hides a sweet, gentle heart.
Their Match: Rose Painted Calathea. Almost as no-nonsense as the Pinstripe Calathea, but its blushing tones add warmth and subtle femininity to any room.

royal city nursery guelph meet your match houseplant personality fiddle leaf fig

Personality: The fashionista with impeccable taste and total commitment to their morning routine.
Their Match: Fiddle Leaf Fig. These houseplants are famous for being particular about everything from water to lighting needs—but just look at them! Undeniably gorgeous.

Personality: The person who gives and gives.
Their Match: Sharing Plant Pilea. The foliage of this houseplant is totally adorable, and as its name suggests, it’s extremely easy to propagate and share with friends.

Personality: The laid-back “hippie” whose presence is a breath of fresh air.
Their Match: Zeylanica Snake Plant. While the upright foliage of this tropical has plenty of personality, they’re perfectly content to just “be” wherever they are. This plant will happily freshen the air in the corner of a home yoga studio or artist’s loft. They also won’t mind going without water while its caregiver is away at Burning Man.

royal city nursery guelph meet your match houseplant personality snake plant

Personality: The busy professional who needs to be everywhere at once.
Their Match: Laurentii Snake Plant. The vibrant variegated pattern on this plant goes with anything, and their ultra-low-maintenance nature means they can truly go anywhere. (They’re also very understanding when their professional plant parent is more focused on their career goals than their watering regimen.)

Personality: That special person that can always be counted on, no matter what.
Their Match: ZZ Plant. From poor lighting, to infrequent watering, to less-than-ideal air quality—this plant can handle it all. Even through the darkest times, this plant exudes strength with sturdy, upright stems and glossy leaves that always seem to reflect the light.

Houseplants are the perfect treat for any time of year. Give them as a gift, and your giftee will always have something special to remind them of you. Or, buy one for yourself, and uplift your space with mood-boosting greenery. Each of these great tropicals will be available at Royal City Nursery starting February 24th. Visit us then to meet your match!