Earth Day Birthday


Earth Day has a very special place in our heart here at Royal City Nursery. Not only is it a day that stands for conservation, but it’s also our fifth one in this location since our first celebration in 2016. We are entering our fifth season in our new home, and we are not looking back! Since then, we’ve called it our Earth Day Birthday, and it’s been a special tradition for our little family here at the garden centre.

Every year since our re-opening, we’ve always looked forward to celebrating our Earth Day Birthday and all that it represents—our planet, our team, and our community.

In honour of the occasion, here’s a collection of some of our favourite Earth-friendly articles from the past year. We hope some of the advice here can help you live an even greener outdoor lifestyle this gardening season.

1. Benefits of Trees in Your Landscape

If you tend to skip the tree section at our garden centre, this article might have you slowing down for a closer look! Trees offer so many practical benefits for the Earth, our community, and your bank account.

2. Beneficial Insects & Pollinators

This article is all about the tiny heroes, many of whom are unsung, who quietly work to keep our gardens healthy and our ecosystems vibrant. One, in particular, is the mason bee—a valuable and underrated pollinator that every homeowner in Guelph should know about!

Speaking of mason bees, I’ll be hosting a Facebook Live on mason bees, and their summertime counterpart, the leafcutter bee (see below) for those who are interested in the power of this mighty-yet-docile pollinator. We also have dormant mason and leafcutter bees for sale at the nursery that you can release into your garden. You can buy your bees from our online shop now!

3. Leafcutter Bees: Summer’s Version of the Mason

As I mentioned above, leafcutter bees are a lot like mason bees— super-effective pollinators that happen to be surprisingly docile. In this article, I talk about why leafcutter bees are awesome, and why you should introduce them into your yard this year!

4. Bringing Water Features to Your Landscape

Water features always elicit “ooh”s and “ahh”s from visitors, and the neighbourhood wildlife depend on them. With so many great reasons to incorporate these features into your landscape, not to mention all the options available today, this article outlines why you should consider investing in a water feature for your landscape.

5. How to Attract Winter Birds to Your Yard

While winter is now (finally!) behind us, the time to prepare your landscape to attract winter birds is now. This article lists several beautiful and practical landscape plants that winter birds depend on, and also provides an overview of different feeders to attract different types of birds.


I have one more exciting Earth Day Birthday present to share with you. It’s customary for us to hold a big store-wide sale each year to commemorate the occasion, but since our garden centre is currently closed to foot traffic, we’re offering a special new promotion to celebrate our 58th year in business. On Saturday, April 25th, when you spend more than $58 before tax in online purchases, you’ll receive a $10 coupon towards your next online purchase! Browse our online shop now to see what’s in store.

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