Why Hire a Landscape Designer

One of the most important steps to creating a beautiful outdoor living space is the design. At the very foundation of any stunning backyard is well-thought out plans that have come alive with colours, structures, shapes, and textures.

shutterstock_579467818 (800x534) (2)Perhaps you’re a DIY kind of person, reasoning that a landscape designer isn’t necessary to creating an outdoor
space. While you may be right to some degree, landscape designers have the ability to not only visualize your yard years down the road, they know the industry and have the right tools to create the best design. Creating a vision in your head of what you want your space to look like is one thing; making it come alive and last for years is another.

Some of the benefits of hiring a landscape designer include:

Add Property Value

Good landscaping increases the value of your home. Over and over, this has been proven by market trends and real estate expertise. As an extension of your indoor space, your outdoor living area holds significant weightlighting when considering the overall value of your home. Just as having beautiful landscaping can increase the value of your home, it also implies that a poorly designed landscape can harm your home’s value. To get the most value out of your property, investing in a professional landscape designer will be well worth it!

Avoid Unforeseen Pitfalls

A landscape designer has many tools at their fingertips to avoid pitfalls in your yard. Taking into consideration things like land gradation, soil type, and local area factors, landscape designers help arrange attractive and functional spaces using a combination of hardscapes and softscapes that work well with the natural limitations and potential of your location. This helps avoid costly pitfalls in the future and ensures the longevity of your yard.

Visual Elements

With today’s technology in outdoor design, landscaper designers can better determine the look and long-term success of a space, as well as create visual aids to help you know what your space will look like once everything is completed. With these tools, it becomes easier to see how each element of the design works together to great visual unity. Aspects such as height, form, colours, and texture come together in both the hardscape and softscape to create a yard that is visually appealing and functional.

Know How to Develop Visionshutterstock_581120638

Even if you don’t have a totally clear idea of what you’re looking for, your landscape designer can help narrow down your likes and dislikes and create a vision which is uniquely your own and suited to your tastes.

Local Landscaper Designers Know the Area

This is an easy thing to overlook, but it is remarkably important. Your local landscape designer will know the climate conditions of your area, as well as soil type and expectations of weather patterns year after year. This allows them to strategically pick the right plants and materials to create a thriving garden. Furthermore, they have knowledge of local municipal and city bylaws when it comes to obtaining permits and other ‘housekeeping’ items.

Before hiring a landscape designer, it is important to know their credentials and do some research on their past projects and work. It is important you deal with someone who has a degree in Landscape Architecture or a diploma in Landscape Design. This will ensure you hire someone who understands the spatial relationships of your outdoor space.

Winter is a terrific time to begin planning and investing in your outdoor space to enjoy throughout the rest of the year. This season also allows a better vision of the hardscape in your yard as it’s ‘bare bones’ structure is easily seen without foliage from trees and plants. Furthermore, there is less wait time – both for the designer’s availability, as well as for any necessary documentation, such as permits.

shutterstock_585290843Royal City Nursery has a terrific landscape department with experienced and qualified landscape designers and professionals. Stop by today and meet our team! Tanya and Dave both hold a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture and have 20 and 25 years of experience, respectively. Cory has a Landscape Technician Diploma and ten years of experience, and Rienan is our landscape foreman. Together, we work to create and implement beautiful and functional yard designs. From consultation and design to construction, we are your choice for professional landscape design! Contact us today!