Ponds and Things: Caring for a Favourite Backyard Feature

For many of us, the word ‘pond’ brings to mind various ideas. Perhaps it takes you back to summer days spent fishing at a pond down the road. Perhaps it makes you think of colourful pond goldfish. Or, maybe it brings to mind relaxing evenings spent listening to sounds of water and bullfrogs singing their nightly tunes.

Whatever comes to mind, it’s widely agreed upon that ponds offer homeowners benefits on many levels! From visual appeal and relaxing atmospheres to supporting wildlife and increasing your home’s value, a pond is a worthwhile investment!

Wildlife – ponds let youshutterstock_197634446 keep various kinds of fish and plants that would not be possible without a pond! From koi fish to unique and beautiful flowers, there are many ways to add and attract wildlife to your personal backyard oasis.

Value – a well-maintained pond has proven to add value to your home!

Relaxing Atmosphere – nothing beats sitting by your pond and enjoying the sounds of trickling water while unwinding from the day.

Visual Appeal – it is hard to beat the appeal that a pond can add to your landscape. Waterfalls, water lilies, creative edging, and beautiful grasses are all features that create a hard-to-beat beauty.

Ponds come in all shapes and sizes, letting you completely customize your look, shape, and size! With the right tools and materials, creating your own pond is much easier than you think. Some of the basic items to get you started are available at our Garden Centre’s Pond Department, and include:

  • Pond Linershutterstock_189167540
  • Pond Pumps
  • Filters
  • Conditioners
  • Test Kits
  • Edging

Once your pond is installed, maintaining it comes with unique seasonal requirements and general upkeep needs! A number of garden care magazines offer tips on maintaining your gardens throughout the year, including this article by Better Home and Gardens. It is a great idea to consult with a pond specialist in your area to know how best to take care of your pond in your particular climate and location.

From opening in the spring to closing in fall, some basic care items are highlighted below.


  • Remove any leaf nets or insulators placed over your pond in the fall.
  • Give your pond a thorough inspection to spot any damage that may have occurred over the winter and ensure your pond liner is still securely in place and not damaged.
  • Clean up any debris that may have built up over the winter. You can use a pond vacuum to remove leaves, algae, and dirt.
  • Add clean water and de-chlorinate if you have fish.
  • Begin fertilizing your plants and trim back any dead foliage that may have been missed in the fall.
  • Start up your pond pump, clean the filters, and ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Test your water with a testing kit to learn the makeup of your water and identify any potential deficiencies or imbalances that could lead to quality problems.


  • Keep your water level up throughout the summer, adding small amounts as needed.
  • Fertilize your pond plants.
  • Routinely test your water.
  • Perform cleaning upkeep, removing debris such as leaves, dead flowers, overgrown vegetation, and excess algae.
  • Check your pump and filters routinely.


  • Prepare your pond for winter.
  • Try and keep up with the falling leaves that will undoubtedly make their way into your pond! Adding a leaf net over your pond will be useful in keeping as much of it out of your pond as possible.
  • Trim back plants and stop fertilizing; submerge hardy water plants to a depth of about two feet. Tropical plants will need to be brought indoors and placed in a bucket of water and given lots of sunshine. For a great article highlighting care for different kinds of water plants, click here.
  • Consider adding a floating de-icer or insulating your pond to help prevent a deep freeze.
  • Turn your pond pump off and remove filters, clean, and safely store for the winter.
  • Turn any waterfalls off and store pumps as well.

Considering having fish in your pond? They’re a terrific element that also requires its own unique care steps throughout different seasons. For a great resource on winterizing your fish, check this article out!

shutterstock_332138063Many people shy away from adding a pond to their landscape because the upkeep and maintenance often appears to require excessive effort and work; however, it doesn’t have! Not only are ponds very manageable, but Royal City Nursery is here to help. We offer expert advice and care for all things pond related and stock our pond department shelves with everything you need to create and maintain a beautiful pond! From installation to opening and closing and general upkeep, we can help make your pond your most enjoyable backyard feature yet.