I LOVE bulbs!

By September 15, 2017 April 17th, 2019 Gardening Inspiration and Advice

I LOVE bulbs! When we talk about Gardeners planting hope, bulbs embody that perfectly. Growers forget about bulbs, however, when used correctly, you can add at least another 3 to 4 weeks of flower colour in your yard and create a garden with personality too.

My personal favorite Spring blooming bulbs are:

Snowdrops and Winter Aconite – growing to 4” tall and very early blooming (mid to end of March, once the snow disappears) and not many people know about them! The reason they are one of my favorite bulbs is because they are the first flowers my grandmother remembered being at her father’s parsonage in Denmark. At our previous location, we had a patch of these little beauties that came from her childhood home. Dave and I were able to transplant some of these special little plants to our new home and greenhouse location last year.

Crown Imperial Fritillaria – these are different summer blooming bulbs, growing up to an amazing 36″ tall and available in either orange or yellow.  They are striking in the garden, providing both architecture and drama.  As a bonus, their fragrance helps deter rodents and other pests.

My favorite bulb of all time is actually a fall blooming Crocus.  Plant them now, and Fall Crocus will flower in the fall and wait to leaf until the spring.  The Saffron Crocus is actually where saffron comes from and the larger Colchicum are rodent resistant and bigger than a traditional Crocus.

White Thalia Rock-garden Daffodil. – Grows 12 to 16″ tall, flowers in mid Spring and is also rodent resistant. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, people kindly suggested to me I would identify with a Yellow Daffodil, because horticulture is as much a part of me as anything else – it was also suggested to plant beds of yellow daffodils as a reminder of what I have come through.  I have never been one for convention and the thought of identifying with a yellow daffodil, or anything else traditionally associated with cancer did not appeal to me at all.   These blooms are clean white, unique, dwarf and different but still identifiable as a daffodil. Long before I was diagnosed, I LOVED this plant.

So many unique flowers, colours and textures. You will find your own reasons to love the blooms bulbs produce and come to appreciate them as a part of your garden success story. Visit us at the Garden Centre now to purchase your bulbs then get ready to plant your own personality.

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Happy planting!