The Royal City Nursery Shopping Experience


First and foremost, I need to start by saying a sincere and very big THANK YOU to our amazing Guelph community!  Your support has kept us going and growing through one of the most unexpected and unusual times in human history, and we’re so grateful. With this in mind, we are excited and privileged to be open to greet the new gardening season with you!

It goes without saying that this year is not business as usual, but we have been very thoughtful and purposeful about how we decided to open again to the public. Our community (that’s YOU!) has been there for us through thick and thin and our uncompromising priority is to keep your trust. We’ve chosen to do this by rolling out a new shopping experience with your health, safety, and happiness in mind! Here’s what to expect when you visit us.


Shopping In-Store: The Same Experience, Re-Designed

As our customer, you mean the world to us. We’ve gotten to know you over the years, long enough to know that you and everyone else who passes through our doors is unique. We’ve served all ages, all backgrounds, and all kinds of families. This is why it’s so important for us to ensure everyone feels safe when they visit our store.

  • We are limiting visitors to 1 or 2 people per household, ages 16 or over. This is to protect very young visitors, particularly those who mainly experience the world with their fingers. Smaller groups help us limit crowding in the aisles. We look forward to the day when we can welcome the entire family, including your pet in store, but it is not time yet.  
  • We are limiting the number of people inside our building. We recognize that everyone is excited to choose their plants and start gardening—we’re excited, too! However, to make sure everyone has space to shop safely, we’re limiting our capacity so everyone can enjoy their experience at a safe distance.
  • We are asking everyone to sanitize their hands before entry. If we all know that everyone in the garden centre has clean hands, we can all feel more at ease as we browse.
  • We ask that you please follow safe social distancing procedures. We recognize that you cannot tell who is living with health vulnerabilities just by looking at them. By following social distancing procedures, we can all protect each other.
  • We ask that you please follow our rerouting guidelines carefully. We have put a great deal of thought into how we’ve re-routed the store to encourage an efficient, safe shopping experience. Please follow the routes as marked to keep everyone’s visit running smoothly.
  • We ask that you please limit your shopping to an hour. We want you to enjoy your experience and soak in the joy that’s ever-present in our garden centre. However, to ensure those who may be waiting in line are afforded the same experience, we ask that you enjoy your time and pass the opportunity on to other shoppers.
  • Masks must be worn on the premises. While this may feel unusual to many of us, masks are among our best lines of defense for mutual protection. Masks are great for keeping indoor air clean and safe. You may bring your own mask, or if you don’t have one, locally handmade masks are available for purchase, at our cost, at our garden centre. Please note, masks that have been modified to expose the nose or mouth do not meet this requirement.
  • We are restricting outside food or beverage. Please enjoy a bite before or after your visit, as eating or drinking will require the removal of your mask while on the premises.
  • We are not accepting cash at this time. For the protection of our wonderful team, we are keeping transactions as contact-free as possible. Please use contactless debit or credit for your purchases.
  • Please do not bring in reusable bags, buckets, or trays. Keep them in the car to load once you have returned.  
  • Our washrooms will be closed to the public until further notice due to legislative safety policies. We will re-open them as soon as we can once permitted, but until then, please use the washroom before heading off to visit us!


By following these restrictions, we can not only ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, but we can also work as a community to keep businesses like ours open in the future. If for any reason you’re unable to meet these guidelines, there’s a new and exciting alternative available to you!

Our Online Shop: Shop in Your PJs!

We have recently launched our online shop to deliver the Royal City Nursery experience to you at home. New items are being added to the store nearly every day, so you can “visit” us digitally and check off all the items on your list. With our online shop, there’s no time limit, no lines, and you can choose from our convenient curbside pickup or home delivery! 


Tsuga Boutique: Personal Shopping

We’re now offering a deluxe shopping experience at Tsuga Boutique that is both safe and totally personalized to you. Our extraordinary fashion expert, Tammy, is now booking Personal Shopping appointments to help you find the right piece, with the right fit for your shape. During your appointment, you’re in control; either browse quietly and undisturbed, or ask Tammy for assistance in locating exactly the pieces you need for a comfortable and stylish summer. 

If you’d like to try on your new pieces, please note, we are sanitizing change rooms before and after use. Clothes that have been tried on but not purchased will be taken off the floor for 24 hours, where we steam and refresh them for the next visitor. This way, you can try on any new outfit in total confidence! You can book your appointment by contacting Tammy at 519-824-4998 or at

While shopping may look a little different this year, we’re confident these new measures are the right choices at this time. We’re still the same great team, same amazing place, with the same focus on making life beautiful, naturally. Come and see for yourself!

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