A Letter From Tanya


To our Royal City plant family; 

With all the uncertainty and the I don’t knows out there, it is easy to become caught as the anxiety of others grips even the best of us! 

This morning as we worked through a staff meeting on what our Royal City Nursery family needs to do to keep everyone – our staff, ourselves and you, our guests safe, it struck me that over the past months, I have been spending too much time with my hands on a screen, and not enough time with my fingers in the dirt.  This afternoon, channelling my Dad, I had the unabashed pleasure of taking a break and getting back to my roots as I roamed the tropical section of the garden centre, I felt the leaves of many different tropicals between my fingers, smelled the soil, cleaned some leaves and potted a plant or two. At the end of the half-hour, I was breathing easier, feeling better and thinking clearer than I have in the past few days.

It was in this moment that the responsibility and the mission of Royal City Nursery has come back to me with a different meaning than yesterday.  It is our mission to make life beautiful naturally. We are committed to continue doing what we do best – to transport the garden calm indoors, to help you put together an outfit that is fun, fits well with your unique personality and helping you grow your best you – whether that be the perfect desk plant for your dorm or office, starting your own vegetables and herbs so you know what food is going into your body or empowering you to create your best living space, indoors and out.  At the garden centre, we take pride in the overall cleanliness and the sheer amount of space we have.  Listening to our clients come through the door, we can hear the sigh of relief and see the sense of calm start to wash over faces as the peace of the garden takes hold.  

Be well – be kind to one another, and above all, happy planting! 

Tanya, Dave and the Royal City Nursery family

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