Royal City Nursery
Free Seminar Series

We believe in sharing information and providing as much help as we can to our customers. This series is a response to some of the most asked questions at the Garden Centre or information we think is important to share because it impacts how things grow in our community.

The seminars are free but space is limited so you need to click on the links provided and register to reserve your space for each seminar.

We are excited about his new series and look forward to sharing this time, and this knowledge with you.

Bird Feeding 101

Part of the 2018 Royal City Nursery
Free Seminar Series

June 14
6:30 pm – 8 pm

True or False: Feeding birds makes them dependent on handouts. False.

Bird feeding myths debunked along with great insight into what will bring the greatest variety of backyard birds to your feeders and why we want birds in our outdoor spaces. Come and learn why we should feed brids, what to feed them when and how to feed them properly.

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