Royal City Nursery is committed to the development of the Guelph community. If your local charity or Not for Profit is hosting a fundraising event which will strengthen our community, please contact us with your request. 

To submit a request for donation, please send an e-mail to donations; with the subject line: “Donations”.  Please attach a letter clearly detailing the following information at least four weeks prior to your event:

Organization name (with logo)
Contact name, e-mail address  and phone number
Who will benefit from the fundraising efforts
Date of event
Charitable registration number
How Royal City Nursery will be recognized for their donation

Royal City Nursery recognizes the value and importance of all donation requests, however we are unable to support every program or activity.  The following organizations or projects are not eligible for support from Royal City Nursery:

Capital Campaigns
Private or corporate parties such as Stag & Doe’s or Christmas Parties
Events that do not benefit the community at large

Please note all donations must be picked up at Royal City Nursery during regular business hours as we do not not deliver or mail donations.

“On behalf of all of us at Habitat for Humanity, thank you… you have truly helped make a difference in our community and we are very grateful. Many thanks to you and the Royal City Nursery team!”

 A Woods
Nov 2017